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Our Horses
Charm is our sweet 13-year-old Morgan/Standardbred cross. She was an Amish cart horse who was rescued at auction by our friends at PJ’s Ponies! She is loving her new life at Ridgebury Farm and is a favorite for many of our riders because of her incredible gentle spirit and intuitive care. 
Peanut Butter is our Shetland Pony. He is 5 years old and as spunky as they come. Like Charm, Peanutbutter was brought to us by our good friends at PJ’s Ponies who rescued him. He is a Strawberry Rhone and loves to run and be the big guy in the herd. 
Peanut Butter
Stormy Snow.jpeg
Storm is an 11-year-old Off-the-Track Thoroughbred owned by Whitney who is sweet and steady for our riders. She raced 96 times in her career and is loving retired life as a part of the Ridgebury Herd.
Pip is a 16-year-old Arabian/Saddlebred cross owned by Whitney. She has a sweet, calming presence with a way of knowing when someone needs a fun ride to take their mind off of things or just a reassuring nuzzle. She is wonderful for both our therapy program as well as our typical lessons. 
fresno 3.jpeg
Fresno is a 9 year old Quarter Horse originally from Minnesota! He’s as sweet as can be, and loves riding the trails. Fresno can be ridden both english and western and is a total fan favorite!
Honey is our paint pony. Her beautiful coloring helps her to stand out in our herd.  She loves being with her best friends Tink and Kit. Honey is a great pony to learn to ride on, and is just as happy helping out in therapy sessions. 
Dilly is a 20 year old pony who has quickly become a favorite of everyone at the farm! Kind and gentle, Dilly excels at both hippotherapy sessions and teaching new riders to ride independently. Her small stature makes her a great mount for even our youngest riders. 
Named after the horse in Toy Story, Bullseye is loving life at Ridgebury Farm! While blind in one eye, Bullseye does not let that stop him from being a star therapy pony. Known around the farm for his long, beautiful mane, Bullseye can often be seen being braided by our volunteers.
Ace is a draft cross who belongs to our barn manager, David. A big puppy dog, Ace loves attention and treats. He also loves to be with his BFF Pip as much as possible. While too tall to participate in any of our therapy sessions, he is known and loved by everyone who comes to the farm. 
Tink is a Chincoteague National Show Horse cross pony. She is also the daughter of Kit! Tink absolutely loves people and will always come to the fence for snuggles. Tink also enjoys trail rides, and being wherever the action is!
Kit is a pinto Chincoteague pony, and also mother to Tink! She is extremely calm and kind. Kit never minds having rings on her ears, or playing ring toss in therapy sessions. She is our classic, beautiful, do it all pony.
Buddy is graciously lent to us by our volunteer, Kimberly! He has done everything in his career from driving to lessons, to 4H. His calm and experience are a huge asset in our program. 
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