Our Horses
Charm is our sweet 13-year-old Morgan/Standardbred cross. She was an Amish cart horse who was rescued at auction by our friends at PJ’s Ponies! She is loving her new life at Ridgebury Farm and is a favorite for many of our riders because of her incredible gentle spirit and intuitive care. 
Storm is an 11-year-old Off-the-Track Thoroughbred who is sweet and steady for our riders. She raced 96 times in her career and is loving retired life as a part of the Ridgebury Herd. She is affectionately referred to as "The old Gray Mare".
Flynn is a 5-year-old rescued Thoroughbred who is too calm to be a successful racehorse. He only raced twice and is enjoying his new life as a therapy horse in our program. He is such a sweetheart and loves to socialize.
Peanut Butter is our Shetland Pony. He is 5 years old and as spunky as they come. Like Charm, Peanutbutter was brought to us by our good friends at PJ’s Ponies who rescued him. He is a Strawberry Rhone and loves to run and be the big guy in the herd. 
Peanut Butter
Princess aka "Pip" is a 16-year-old Arabian/Saddlebred cross. She has a sweet, calming presence with a way of knowing when someone needs a fun ride to take their mind off of things or just a reassuring nuzzle. She is wonderful for both our therapy program as well as our typical lessons. 
Mango is a 25-year-old Welsh Cob Pony who has done it all from therapeutic riding and dressage to being a master school pony. Mango loves attention and being fed treats! At just over 12 hands tall, he is a perfect size for many of our riders.