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Ridgebury Farm and Stables Policies


  • Weather Policy:  We will hold mounted sessions in our indoor arena as long as the “feels-like” temperature is 20° F or higher. If we are experiencing inclement weather, we will follow Ridgefield Public Schools decisions in regards to closing or delayed openings. If the decision is made to cancel or reschedule sessions, we will do our best to reach out via e-mail as soon as possible for your safety and convenience. We will also be posting weather updates to our social media so follow us on Facebook and Instagram! Ridgebury Farm and Stables reserves the right to cancel or reschedule sessions due to poor weather conditions.

  • Illness Policy: Please keep your rider home when they are not feeling well. Always keep your child home if they have a fever of 100℉ or higher, are vomiting, or have diarrhea. Please note that clients must remain home for 24 hours following the last episode of fever, diarrhea, or vomiting without the use of medication before attending their session. For current Covid-19 guidelines, please refer to the current CDC Guidelines on exposure, isolation, and masking.


  • Cancellation Policy:

    • *Ridgebury Farm and Stables reserves the right to charge a cancellation fee up to the full cost of the service for cancellations made with less than 24 hrs notice and no shows. We ask for a minimum of 48hrs for any changes and rescheduling to allocate staff, horses, and volunteers. 

    • *We are happy to waive the cancellation fee if the session can be rescheduled within one week of the originally scheduled session day and time. 

    • *Make up classes or refunds will be offered if a facilitator needs to cancel a class due to illness or severe weather.

    • **Ridgebury Farm and Stables reserves the right to determine if the session should be mounted or unmounted based on a variety of factors (safety, weather, clinical judgment, etc.). Unmounted programming provides additional, unique opportunities with significant therapeutic value. 


  • Billing: Ridgebury Farm and Stables, as an out-of-network provider, does not accept health insurance nor directly bill insurance on your behalf. Payment is due at the time of scheduled services. Credit cards must be kept on file for automatic weekly processing of payment. If you are interested in receiving reimbursement for services, we highly recommend you speak to your insurance provider prior to the start of services to explore your benefits and coverage for out of network providers. Please note that all services are coded as either Occupational Therapy, Physical Therapy, Speech Language Pathology, or Psychotherapy. We are happy to provide documentation for you to request reimbursement from your insurance in the form of a Superbill from a paid in full invoice receipt which will contain your specific diagnosis and procedure codes.


  • Pet Policy: We love your furry friends but we kindly ask that no pets join you on your visit Ridgebury Farm and Stables Property. We have plenty of sheep, goats, chickens, and horses for you to enjoy while at the farm that love the attention!


  • We know you love the horses and they love treats, but please refrain from giving the horses treats of any kind without permission and assistance from a staff member!


  • When arriving for your session, please do not proceed to the indoor arena unless accompanied by a member of the Ridgebury Farm and Stables Staff. As we share the space with borders we want to ensure a safe and pleasant experience for everyone!


 Thank you for your patience and understanding. 



The Ridgebury Farm Team 

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